Hello! We're neighbours. Our children go to the same schools. We shop at the same shops. We play in the same parks. We drive on the same roads. But, more importantly, we share the same concern for health, happiness and well being for ourselves and those we love.

We face the same challenges; coping with life in a pressurised society is not easy. So often we feel under stress and we need to stand back, check out the direction of our lives and work out what our priorities are. We are ordinary people, people who have decided to stop running from life and to seek a better way through a personal and vital faith in God.

You can be part of a caring community, where love, understanding encouragement and help are never far away. In the process you'll discover, with us, how to be the kind of people God created us to be, and how to share that good news with others. You will find practical bible teaching, Christian education and worshipful services at Bethesda Evangelical Church.

Lets take advantage of these opportunities together and become friends.

A warm welcome awaits you from a church that cares about you and your needs. Please ask any of us for more information or, if you prefer, us the contact information on this site.

Bethesda Evangelical Church
Chester Road
Stockton Heath
01925 601 044